It’s been a journey of over seventy years & the endeavour stays – to provide an unforgettable dining experience with ‘Achhai, Sacchai, & Safai’. A dollop of creativity, a dash of passion & the best of ingredients go into the making of the ‘1944’ gourmet affair.
Bon Appétit


Ultimate dining experience like no other
What started as a pop-up ice-cream handcart in 1944, transformed into a network of 16 restaurants, 50 eateries, about 200 parlours, & over 40,000 distributors of Havmor’s gourmet experience. To this day, his thirst for trying out new recipes & formats has kept customers coming back for more. After all, it was this gastronomist’s hunger for innovation that brought North Indian & Punjabi cuisine to Ahmedabad for the first time, when he opened up a chain of restaurants by Havmor – ‘1944’.







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