Some misconceptions regarding Ice Creams

Some misconceptions regarding Ice Creams

Consuming Ice Cream causes cough and cold : This misconception is prevalent due to cold nature of ice cream. For those already afflicted with cough and cold, doctors advice preventive care as consumption of any cold product including ice cream (- 15 C) might irritate the throat due to existing infection. Also many times locally made Ice Cream ( sancha made) may not be as hygienic as standard Ice Cream’s like ours. Due to this, microbial counts present may cause infection which over a period of time is attributed to ice cream in general.

Ice Cream’s smooth texture is due to eggs: Another myth. Though egg yolk is permitted and acts as emulsifier. But to achieve smooth texture, there are several vegetarian ingredients ( permitted by law) which are widely used. Smooth texture can be attributed to this vegetarian stabilizers/ emulsifier and a process like homogenization and correct composition and use of air during manufacturing. All our products are TOTALLY EGG FREE.

Remember, if anyone uses eggs as per the law `Red’ dot on the packing is mandatory. All our products bear `green dot’ which indicates totally vegetarian.

Reason for “graininesss “ – Sometimes the Ice Cream is found to be grainy in texture. This can be due to multiple reasons like extreme and frequent temperature fluctuation during market or domestic storage ( eg. electricity failure for a longer time when icecream melts or softens and then is hardened once again), switching off the Deep Freezer for a prolonged duration, not maintaining recommended storage temperature etc). By taking precautions, `graininess can be avoided

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