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Black Forest

Confused between black forest cake and ice cream? What if you could have them both? Say hello to Black Forest Ice Cream with the taste of black forest cake and the texture of creamy ice cream.

Product Detail


Eggless Chocolate Cake & Chocolate Sauce (45.3%):Chocolate Sauce (23.5%) (Sugar, Liquid Glucose, Milk Solids, Cocoa Solids, Added Water, Artificial (Vanilla) Flavouring Substances), Eggless Chocolate Cake (21.8%) [Sugar, Refined Wheat flour, Milk Solids, Refined Sunflower Oil, Refined Cottonseed Oil, Cocoa Solids, Emulsifiers and Stabilizers (INS 475, INS 471, INS 433 & INS 415), Natural Colour (INS 150d), Baking Powder, Raising Agents (INS 450i), Dextrose, Iodised Salt and Artificial (Chocolate and Vanilla) Flavoring substances].

Ice Cream (41.3%):
Added Water, Milk Solids, Sugar, Emulsifier (INS 471, INS 433) and Stabilizers (INS 466, INS 410, INS 407a, INS 415), Artificial (Vanilla) Flavouring Substances.

Topping (13.4%):
Chocolate (8.4%), Whip Topping (5%) [Added Water, Sugar, Hydrogenated Palm Kernel Oil, Soy Protein, Milk Solids, Liquid Glucose, Emulsifiers (INS 471, INS 472e, INS 477, INS 420i), Thickeners (INS 412, INS 415, INS 461), Acidity Regulator (INS 331i), Edible Common Salt, Artificial (Vanilla) Flavoring Substances].

Food Allergen:
Contains Milk, Wheat, and Soy.
May Contains Nut and Sulphite.

Nutritional Information

[ 8 servings per pack, Serve size – 125 ml ]

Amount per serving (% RDA*):
Energy : 301.1 kcal (15.0% RDA), Protein : 4.3 g, Carbohydrate : 47.8 g, Total Sugars : 39.3 g, Added Sugars : 36.3 g (72.6% RDA), Total Fat : 10.3 g (15.4% RDA), Saturated Fat : 6.8 g (30.9% RDA), Cholesterol : 5.3 mg, Trans Fat : 0.0 g (0% RDA), Sodium : 39.4 mg (1.8% RDA).

* - % contribution to RDA (Recommended Dietary Allowance) calculated on the basis of 2000 kcal energy, 67 g total fat, 22 g saturated fat, 2 g trans fat, 50 g added sugar and 2000 mg of sodium requirement for average adult per day.

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