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Project zero waste

our purpose

Plastic Waste Management and environment protection campaign across Gujarat with a motto of zero waste to landfill and plastic recycling as well as cleanliness and hygiene awareness programs.”

Havmor aspires to create direct impact towards environment sustainability and social development.

A mission to make Gujarat's Rural Areas sustainable through right plastic waste management. As part of its CSR initiative, Havmor along with its project implementing partner carrying out awareness sessions and activities in villages aimed at bringing behavioural change towards right waste management practices.

As a process, Bins are being placed at different spot in Villages for villagers to dump their dry waste (especially plastics). Team conducts different levels of awareness in the villages to make people aware about the bins placed. Villagers are asked to put their dry (plastic) waste in the bins. NEPRA ensures regular collection of the accumulated dry waste and then sends it for its sustainable disposal- to recyclers or waste to energy plants based on the type of waste.

The project is being successful in creating green jobs, involving people engaged in cleaning and collection of waste, reducing environment pollution in Rural areas.

Covering all aspects like different levels of awareness, collection, segregation, and sustainable disposal of collected waste has made a positive impact on the villages and paving the path of change. Project Zero waste executed in the following areas of Gujarat so far:


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